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“Wealth is your time and money is just a representation of your time. Wealth is never destroyed, it is merely transferred. On the other side of every crisis (and technology revolution) there is an opportunity.” - Mike Maloney, Monetary Historian

Early Praise for Bitcoin Evangelism

"As a business finance professor, I've done hundreds of hours of my own research on this subject and have yet to find a more comprehensive, unbiased, credible, or robust explanation of Bitcoin than what Brian provides in his book. I appreciate the lengths that Brian goes to in order to present factual information grounded in proof for all of us to learn from. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking facts, quotes, and an objective perspective that completely explains not only Bitcoin as a new currency, but also as an ideal theory that may solve some of our deepest societal problems."

- Professor Nolan Gouveia, MBA
California Baptist University

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"Bitcoin Evangelism is one of those rare books that takes an incredibly in depth and complicated topic and makes it remarkably accessible and easy to digest. Brian has masterfully delivered a must-read guide for understanding the disruptive phenomenon that is Bitcoin."

- Ryan Condron (CEO


Stock Showdown Podcast

Brian visits Mr. Anderson's Macroeconomics class and talks Bitcoin, crypto, and the broader markets.

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Check out Brian's interview on Chicken Talk Radio, the east coast's hottest hip hop podcast.

We talk NFT's, Bitcoin, crypto, and the future of finance.

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How does BTC have value?

Brian joins Professor G's show to discuss the inherent value of bitcoin.

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